Where to eat

We recommend in the area

Below we would like to present a few places we use or have used, and which with a clear conscience we can recommend as tasty and safe for the stomach.

Homemade food:
Jadzodajnia Monika on the corner of Kościuszki and Reymonta streets (100metrów from us).
- tasty and cheap
- a large selection of soups and dishes
- fresh
- delicious home-made dumplings and pancakes
The defect has not been found yet.

Zero7 on Grunwaldzka St. (near the bus stop - about 400m from us).
- very tasty and affordable
- a large selection of fish, another dish also available eg. Chicken on a stick
- fresh
Defect - sometimes crowded and wait for a moment.

U Jacha Friedery at the corner of Mickiewicza and Zgody streets (about 250m from us).
- tasty and priced about
- a large selection of fried fish
- delicious smoked fish
Defect - sometimes a large queue especially for freshly smoked fish.

A small booth on Grunwaldzka St., going from the building of the fire brigade we pass on the left side.
- the best kebab in Pobierowo
- good portions and good prices
- fresh, tasty
- delicious toast
Cons - queue, always a queue ;-)